Our Modifications

OUR MODIFICATIONSwhat were doing to make our equipment better for you!!

CRANESchanges made to our cranes that improve the function, safety, and operator comfort whilst reducing our impact upon the environment!!

Auxiliary Diesel Air Conditioner Unit

We have installed a sleek externally mounted air conditioner unit that provides a back up to the main cabin air conditioning but has its own engine. This benefits the machine as the driver no longer needs to keep the crane engine running in order to stay cool, therefore reducing the hours run up on the machine and its depreciation due to engine wear and tear. This allows you to extend the vehicles maintenance intervals. Also the auxiliary unit uses much less fuel than the built in engine powered system, which reduces your level of consumption thus creating less pollution! We are aware of the impact we have upon the environment and its importance within our industry therefore we are proud that LESS POLLUTION IS OUR SOLUTION

Safety Features – we are fully aware of the importance of safety on sites across Australia and have such enhanced our cranes with in house custom built modifications in order to improve their safety standards

All our cranes are given a fresh coat of paint in our vibrant orange company colour that will help them stand out from the crowd. We provide additional signage on the cranes highlighting safety aspects, such as warnings to keep timbers off the outriggers as we noticed that a lot of damage and incidents were caused due to this very reason. We also design and build our own hand railing, as well as access ladders and steps that provide additional safety to anyone working on our cranes. Also we have recently built and installed cabin guards in order to protect your operator from any accidental falling objects. As we design and manufacture our own modifications we ensure that they fit with the design of our cranes and as such often appear as though they were manufactured features.

Storage Solutions – helping to keep your site well maintained and organized

We have developed our own rear mounted timber boxes which we custom fit to our cranes to provide easy storage for outrigger timbers. We also install front metal storage boxes on our cranes where chains and other rigging equipment can be stored. These changes enhance the functionality of our cranes, keeping them and your site organized and tidy, which is often an important safety aspect.

Operator Comfort – your operator is the key to our vehicle operating efficiently therefore we have made alterations to make the driving experience better for them

We have improved the cabin environment, such as providing improved cabin storage facilities and tailor made seat covers. A big improvement we have made to our machines is allowing our sun visors to be adjusted at increments which provides the operator with protection but allows them to alter the visor in order to improve their visibility.

FORKLIFTSin house modifications made to our forklifts that improve their safety, operator comfort and usability

Safety – the safety of machines is as important to us as it is to you

We fit every forklift with load scales that clearly show the operator the weight of the load been lifted allowing them to easily determine the safe lifting limits. The forklifts are also fitted with custom made rear view mirrors that improve the operators’ visibility and safety standards around the site. Our hydraulic hoses are fitted with guards to prevent chain damage thus improving the life of the hose and the safety aspects associated with it.

Operator Comfort – promotes the safe operation of the machine

Our forklifts have covers fitted to their cabins, which improve them in two ways, firstly it provides a seal to stop air escaping the cabin thus allowing the air conditioning to work more effectively and secondly it provides an over hang, which creates a sun shield for the cabin thus protecting the driver from sun exposure and over heating. We also improve the cab interior with tailor made seat covers and a storage box to keep essential operator paper work in an easily accessible position.

Usability – making our machines more user friendly

Our engine covers have been replaced with custom made aluminium covers improving their appearance and stopping the problem of rusting thus giving them a longer life. Also we have brought the air cleaner boxes to the outside of the engine compartment, which improves its accessibility and efficiency, ensuring the engine and the operator are supplied with clean air. We have also added grease lines to the top sheaves on the forklift mast therefore making greasing more accessible without the need for access equipment such as ladders or scaffolding.

When hiring equipment from Boddington Crane Hire you may notice some of our modifications and we hope you appreciate the time we have put into making our service a quality one.


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